Here are 4 business reasons and benefits you should consider consolidating all of your Analog Lines / POTS Lines with TrueTel Communications:

1. MANAGEMENT: TrueTel provides you with a WEB PORTAL to:

o Track Each and Every Analog Line in ServiceNationwide.

o Identify Every Feature on Every Line. This will help you determine if a feature is really needed or not (Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Hunt, etc). Many times Analog Lines / POTS Lines only have basic features (if any features), so you can identify and disconnect any feature not needed — saving you money each and every Month!

Track Usage on Each and Every Analog Line in Service. This will help you determine if your analog lines are being used, and if they are not being used – you now have the tool to determine if the phone line is needed or not. Disconnect any lines that are not being used or have very low usage. This will save you $$$ each and every Month!

o Improved Visibility – No longer will you have to review multiple paper invoices or log into multiple portals to get a handle on your analog lines / POTS lines.

2. BILL CONSOLIDATION: A company receiving multiple invoices from multiple carriers – can easily reduce that number to ONE Invoice. Wouldn’t that be nice?

3. SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT: If you have multiple locations, you are probably dealing with several phone companies for your Analog Lines / POTS Lines service. It is frustrating to determine who you should call if you need to add, move or change a phone line. You no longer have to keep track of all the separate account numbers and carrier contact numbers to ensure that the correct people are authorized to request changes on each account. Many times, a company individual listed on all their phone company accounts that is no longer employed with your company and it’s very difficult and frustrating when trying to get the carrier to make a change to your account….simply because you are not listed on the account as an authorized person to request the required change (add, move, disconnect, etc.). Wouldn’t it be nice to have one place to call to handle all of your MACD’s (Moves/Adds/Changes/Disconnects)?


Less Resource time for AR/AP to receive, process and pay the multiple invoices.

Achieve discounted rates when we bundle all of your analog lines together.

Analog Lines / POTS Lines tend to have unnecessary fees – tacked on. A $40 a month business line typically carries another $10 in fees and surcharges. That is 25% markup, not counting sales tax and fees. With our Web Portal tool – you can view the features that each line has and remove any features that you do not need – saving you money each and EVERY Month!!!

Let TrueTel reduce your costs and provide you with a single point of contact for all of you Analog Lines Nationwide.

Working with TrueTel as an aggregator simplifies everything. Your business has one account number and one company to call.