Out-of-Band Network Access (via PSTN)

Having survived numerous assaults from competing technologies such as ISDN, cellular, and wireless services, the Analog phone line / POTS Line is still considered the most secure and reliable in the communications world. It’s hardened, reliable, and resistant to cyber attacks. Often, it’s the only form of communications available during network outages and natural disasters. Since the PSTN provides its own line voltage, it even works during power outages.

Why have Multiple Lines for Multiple Devices….CONSOLIDATE to a Multi Link Device!

This is an easy way to reduce your costs – we simply reduce the number of analog / POTS lines you need to support your business. 

The Multi-Link ACP Series 2.0, allows for RJ11 connections to multiple dial up devices, all on a single phone line. Each port/device has a specific Security Access Code for connecting to the device, providing a level of security to prevent unauthorized access.

The Multi-Link ACP automatically answers the inbound call and directs it to the appropriate device, phone/phone system, fax machine, or a specific dial up modem which is determined by the user assigned Security Access Code. Inbound and outbound data calls are transparent. Many companies utilize all ports for information devices.

The need for redundancy is becoming more and more important to operations polling remote data. All Networks have issues from time to time. Companies realize that a back up out of band circuit is imperative for successfully retrieving data, completing credit/debit card transactions, and simply doing business. Network service ports also have to be accessed for remote system diagnosis. One or more ports of the ACP can be used for this remote service access.

The Multi-Link ACP is available in 3, 5, and 9 port versions. All connections are standard RJ11 telephone connectors. The ACP-300, 500, and 900 are supported with a two year warranty. Nearly 1 million Multi-Link devices are in use in North America. And, they are made in the U.S.A.