Line Sharing

Whether you are looking for a fax switch, a phone switch, a phone splitter or any other form of POTS line sharing device, Multi-Link has the product you need. Multi-Link’s line sharing and network support equipment portfolio (The Stick, ACP Series 2.0, and Versa-Link ATX 250) allows customers to consolidate various devices onto a single standard telephone line, reducing the number of lines needed to support the business and the related monthly phone line subscription costs. At an average yearly cost of $600 per phone line subscription, Multi-Link’s line sharing products have delivered cost reductions reaching millions of dollars per year.

The Stick

The Stick

Part Number: STK29112

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The Stick Product Description

  • Up to 4 devices (3 Independent) sharing one POTS line
  • Automatic call routing to fax, phones, modems, other telephony equipment
  • Barge-in protection for un-interrupted data connections
  • User defined security access code

Data Sheet:

Download The Stick Manual

Secure your Stick installations with the Stick Lock Box!

Please be aware that The Stick will not work optimally with call forwarding nor voicemail from the phone company. As an alternative, the SR-3 would be a better linesharing solution if these telco features are desired. Call 800-535-4651 for details.

ACP Series 2.0ACP-500 Out-of-Band Network Switch

Part Numbers: ACP-300, ACP-500, ACP-900


ACP Series 2.0 – NEW Revision!

  • Up to 3, 5 or 9 devices sharing one POTS line
  • Reduces or eliminates costly dedicated phone lines
  • Secures modems and network equipment from unauthorized access
  • Specifically designed for network support/industrial applications

New Enhanced Features:

  • HACKER SHIELD PROTECTION – Programmable Security Access Codes, up to 7 digits per port, protects connected devices from unauthorized access for a robust telephony firewall.
  • Caller ID “Store & Forward” – CID is sent to device on first ring.
  • Multiple Line Seizure Ports – Up to four device ports can now be designated for emergency line seizure for critical applications.
  • Simplified Installation – All line-in and device jacks are RJ11. No additional connectors are required.
  • LED Status Display – Seven segment display shows port in use & programming value read-back. Audible read-back tones are also provided for remote programming.

View ACP Series 2.0 Data Sheet

ACP 2.0 Series Programming Manual

ACP Series 2.0 Application Diagrams


VersaLink ATX-250

VersaLink ATX-250Part Number: ATX-250

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ATX-250 Product Description

  • Two devices sharing one POTS line
  • Automatic call routing – phone, fax, modem, or any other devices
  • Barge-In protection for uninterrupted data connection

Download ATX-250 Manual

The SR-3


Part Number: SR-3

SR-3 Product Description

  • Routes based on active “Selective-Ring” service from phone company
  • Three devices share one phone line
  • Barge-in protection for un-interrupted data connections
  • Works with Call Forwarding, CID, Voicemail, Call Waiting

View The SR-3 Data Sheet

Download SR-3 Manual