Remote Power Control

Multi-Link’s remote power control equipment allows maintenance technicians to reboot, restart, or shutdown power to devices located in a remote location, all over a standard telephone phone line or an internet connection. Customers looking for browser-enabled remote power control, a remote power control switch, a remote power reboot device and many more related solutions find that Multi-Link’s remote power control products meet their needs. Technicians can control AC power to equipment from their office or cell phone, avoiding the cost and time to drive to remote sites while maintaining valuable network equipment uptime.

The Power Stone

The Power Stone
Part Number: PST59102
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Product Description

  • Remote reboot, remote restart, and remote shutdown using a standard phone line
  • Remote programming
  • Manual and automatic reboot modes
  • Security: User defined Security Access Code for remote access
  • Ultimate security: Power down devices when not in use

View The Power Stone Data Sheet

Multi-Link Cost Savings Calculator ~ Remote Power Controlv.3


The Power Stone User Guide v.9 (For Power Stones with serial # 27819 and up)

The Power Stone User Guide v.1 (For Power Stones with serial #’s lower than #27819)

IP Power Stone 4000, auto rebooterPart Number : IP4000

Product Description

– Remote reboot by Multiple Options: Web browser; MSN Chat; Scheduling; Fault detection
– Remotely control 2 outlets
– Sequential power reset
– Event logging/notification
– Multiple protocols supported
– Small footprint(5″W x5″L x1.5″H, 1.5lb) for bundling/installation in control cabinets
– 100 to 250 VAC/50 or 60Hz/10 Amp rated

View IP Power Stone 4000 Data Sheet

View IP Power Stone 4000 Quick Installation Guide (Print for best viewing)

IP POWER STONE 4000 User Manual v.8

IP4000 Utility